Memoria Activa # 1, 2010

56 × 184 × 0,3 cm (H/W/D)
0,3 kg
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Renata Chueire
lives in Berlin, Germany
The work shows images of different life situations in different places. The once exposed films remain undeveloped for years and are then exposed again in a later life context. The resulting entanglement of places and people that are seemingly unrelated, indicate a previously unknown correlation .These double exposures outline a poetic, dream-like reality whose relations are re-established by the viewer. The camera serves as an instrument that reveals hidden worlds in familiar surroundings. The artist asks herself to what extent the memory of lived subjective reality is transformed under the influence of time, creating a new context which is also grounded in reality. The result is essentially erratic, and reflects the amorphous, non-logical nature of remembering.

This is a fine art print digitally produced on high-grade photo paper and laminated on museum board.
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