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Port of Art is an autonomous market place where art and artworks of young artists can be found and purchased.

Art students and young artists can present and offer their works.
What happens at art schools and studios?

Meet the Art. Many artists welcome you at their studio.

Find your piece of artwork at
and buy directly from the artist.

The providers are qualified artists, illustrators, designers and photographers. The criterion for participation as a provider is a diploma or a certificate of matriculation at an art school.

Autodidacts can only participate after successfully completing an application process (evaluated by an independent jury).

Port of Art offers originals and signed photographs and fine art prints. Port of Art enables those interested in the arts to find their desired artwork based on predefined search criteria. (and to choose an artwork from the list of search results). In addition to classic search criteria such as genre, material, and motif, you can also search by the artist’s name, region or city, and art school.

Port of Art can also serve as an online interface for artists and art lovers.

The site makes it possible to find artists, e. g. from a particular region. Registered users can get in touch with the artists directly via a contact form.

Buyers and artists can choose which channel to use for a transaction. As long as no sales process has been started, artists are in no way tied to Port of Art.

For works of art that are priced at less than 100 Euro, the mode of transfer is agreed directly with the artist.
If the price of an artwork exceeds 100 Euro and it is sold via Port of Art, the money is paid into port of art’s escrow account in order to guarantee a safe transfer.

Welcome to the free Port of Art!

* the classic art prints (silkscreens, lithographies, graphics, woodcuts,...)
** exceptions: in the cases of photographs, the artist decides whether these works are of limited edition.

The people

About us 
We believe in us being good. We believe in us being friendly. We believe in us being willing to learn from you. We will do our best not to disappoint you.

And that's us:
Julia Brenner, b. 1976 in Berlin
Graphic designer, founder of Port of Art

Barbara Jacoby, b. 1976 in Bremen
Masters in cultural studies and philosophy

Dr Nadja Antoine, b. 1977 in Cuxhaven
Diploma in business communications, MA British Studies

Ralf Baumbach, b. 1980 in Berlin
MA in communication, programmer, Drupalpro

Annika Gülzow, b. 1982 in Berlin 
Graphic designer, Drupalpro

The jury (that evaluates the applications of autodidacts)
Each of our qualified providers can serve as a member of the jury. Three independent artists and two designers (five people in total) will be drawn from the pool to serve on each jury. Through their vote, jury members decide the admission or rejection of an autodidact. Four positive votes are required for admission. No reasoning will be given for admission or rejection. The names of the jurors will not be made public. Each time a provider serves on the jury, he or she can publish three of his or her works on port of art free of charge. (If the respective artworks are priced at more than a 100 Euro or sold at auction, a commission will nevertheless be charged.)

About you - the artists: 
We believe in you being good. We believe in you being friendly. We believe in you doing good. Please do not disappoint us.

About you – the customers: 
We believe in you being good. We believe in you being friendly. Please do not disappoint us.

The Why

Art is currently searching for new ways to establish and to market itself and to sell. There are many providers and potential buyers of artworks beyond the established art market. Port of Art makes a contribution to redefining how the art market works. Port of Art wants to do more than sell art. Port of Art seeks to spark social change through and with the art of the many >> see Art for Good.

Art for Good (as soon as possible) - Calling on all artists

Each registered artist* can participate by sending two artworks (originals, art prints or photographs) to Port of Art in a stamped return envelope. The format should not exceed DIN A4 and should fit into a DIN A4 envelope. The artist will receive one work by a colleague (randomly selected) in return for every two artworks submitted. The second submitted work will be added to the ‘Art for Good’ collection. At first, the collected works will only be shown on this site, but not offered for sale. Once we have collected over 200 works, we will organize an exhibition evening in Berlin where the works will be sold for 100 Euro each. Works not sold during the exhibition will thereafter be available on port of art for 120 Euro under the aforementioned menu item ‘Art for Good’.***

As a highlight, three selected artworks will be auctioned off at each exhibition (detailed information will be available nearer the time).
At least 70% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity.
We will try to find suitable sponsors to keep the expenditures as low as possible. Any suggestions and recommendations for sponsors are very welcome!
All participating artists will be listed on port of art! We look forward to your interest and participation!

To all Artists: Take part! Do good!

Of course all artists are free to submit as many works as they wish! And you are welcome to submit larger works, if you want to support Art for Good. Please contact us in advance if you would like to send works larger than DIN A4!
We plan to repeat this event annually. Participating artists can help to choose the recipient charity in an online poll. Feel free to suggest charities. >
* each registered provider ** we cannot send an artwork in return without a stamped return envelope.
*** If the exhibition cannot be held for whatever reason, the donated artworks will be sold at a set price of 120 Euro on port of art under the abovementioned menu item. 75% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity. If an artist wants to withdraw his or her participation under these circumstances, we will gladly return the work in question once we have received a stamped return envelope.

Finally: How it all started - how it all began

I, Julia Brenner, the founder of Port of Art, studied graphic design at the Academie Minerva in Groningen and at Edinburgh College of Art. After graduating, I moved to Berlin and, until 2010, worked as an independent graphic designer in the studio "Gute Gründe". Time and again, I was extremely impressed by the works of my illustrator colleagues. I had always loved their independent works and sketches in particular. I already thought at the time that there had to be a way to show their works to the world and to sell them, because many of them could not really live off their works when they started out. Luckily, that has since changed for all of them and I’m very glad that they support me now by participating in port of art. Thanks to all of you.
In the summer of 2012, I took the copy test of Jung von Matt. During the online research for one of the tasks, I had the idea for Port of Art: a platform that brings together artworks, but also sketches and studies by fine artists, but also by illustrators, designers, and architects, as well as by art students from different disciplines. This way, artists* can show their works and offer them to a greater number of people. Art lovers can find lesser-known artists* and buy originals directly or discover the artists of tomorrow. …and…

… with the help of the participating artists, I would like to keep supporting charities by selling artworks. > Art for Good. We can achieve a lot together. And the artists are conscious of society and the environment. That’s what I believe in and with Art for Good I would like to start something good. Now, almost two years after I first had the vague idea, Port of Art is going online. Thanks to all those who encouraged me and who lent me their practical and emotional support. Special thanks to my conscientious programmers.

I’m excited to see what lies ahead.