Frequently Asked Questions

Registration: Artlovers and potential buyers

1, click > login (top right)

2. click > create new account

3. choose Buyer-Account

4. Provide your email address > create new account.

5. You will receive an activation link via email.
When activating your account, you’ll be asked to select your password.

Once you’re registered, you will find the login link at the top right corner of the site.
Here you’ll be able to login with your email address and password and to access the internal menu of port of art.
A second menu will appear under “filter options” on the left.

> my port of art  > This is where you’ll see the following menu items:
my account - This is where you can see and edit your personal data. (address, password, email)
my auctions - This is where you can bid on auctions and see the ones on which you have bid.
my orders - This is where you can see your orders and provide feedback.


Registration: Artists

1, click > login (top right)

2. click > create new account

3. choose Artist-Account

4. fill in the application form

5. You will then receive an email which asks you to send a copy of your matriculation or degree certificate to the following email address: certification(at)
Once the supporting evidence has been received and filed, we will send an email with a link to activate the account.

For works of art that are priced at less than 100 Euro, the mode of transfer is agreed directly with the artist.
Registered useres can contact an artist via a contact form before purchase.

If the price of an artwork exceeds 100 Euro and it is sold via port of art, the money is paid into port of art’s escrow account in order to guarantee a safe transfer. (PayPal account)
In case you do not have your own PayPal account, it is also possible to pay via PayPal with credit card as a guest.

What is PayPal?

Direkt link to PayPal:


What does pick up only mean? How can I organize safe delivery as a customer? How can I contact an artist before purchase?

What does pick up only mean?

No shipping costs have been set in the offer. This might have different reasons.

1. The work is fragile, big, massiv or because of other reason difficult to send.
    The customer has to pick up/collect the work.
2. The artist is willing to send the work but the shipping costs have to be calculated induvidually.
    Shipping costs are not included in the offer and  in case of returns the buyer has to pay the shipping costs.

In any case contact the artist before purchase and ask about the option of shipping.

Only registered useres can contact artists directly via a contact form at the artist profile.

1. Register
2. Go to the artist profile
3. Click the "contact" button below the artist name 
4. Send a message directly to the artist via the contact form

Feel free to contact an artist before purchase!

How to organize ?

Delivery is nowadays easily organized online. You do not even have to leave the desk.

Have a look at the website of the main delivery service of your country. In most cases you can define the delivery address and even organize a pick-up and get an online-ticket/code which you can send by e-mail to the artist.

Also check out smaler services, which might be even cheaper.

Important is to choose insured delivery!

For artists: We advice to send the parcel-following-link to the buyer! 

 A few services are listed below:

from Germany:
(insurance up to 500, 2.500 or even 25.000 Euro possible)
(insurance up to 500 Euro possible)

from Great Britain:

from France:

from the Netherlands:

from Denmark:

from Spain:



Shipping within the same country and shipping within the EU is easy. We advice artists to set shipping costs.
(But it is up to the artists to offer shipping. And in case shipping costs ar not set, please contact the artist when you are interested in one of their works.)

Wordwide shipping is not offered via port of art.
Wordwide shipping is pretty complex and has to be calculated individually for each request.

In case you are interested in an artwork from abraod, contact the artist and figure out the shipping options.
Be aware that customs charges have to be payed for shipping abroad.

In case you ship abroad, we advice to fix the bill with a detailed description of the content on the outside of the parcel - readable for the customs officer.
Also put a copy of the bill inside the parcel and send another my email to the buyer.

(For Germany the customs charges are 7% for art at the moment.)

"on tour" means that

1. the artist might be catching some sun ...
2. might be ... on holidays
3. might be on a traineeship abroad
4. might be on study tour
5. might be on fellowship somewhere aboad

Anyway the artist is not able to deliver the offered artwork in a moment.

Please contact the artist via the contact form on the artist's profil page before purchase.
Any questions:

In case you are intersted in an artwork but not really happy with the presentation on port of art,
- You would love to see an artwork in higher resolution/beter quality
- You would love to see more detailed pictures of an artwork
- You would love to know more about the used materials
- ...

Please contact the artist via the contact form on the artist's profile page!
(Just possible for registered users)

1. Register
2. On the artwork site > click on "view artist profile"
3. Under the artist name you will find the "contact"-button

In case framing is part of the offer, this is clearly mentioned on the artwork site.
Artists should upoad one picture of the framed artwork so the buyer sees what it looks like.

In case framing is not part of the offer but a buyer would love to get an artwork with frame,
we please the buyer to contact the artist.
Most artists will frame their works on requested. But if not explicitly mentioned this is not part of the offer and
may incure additional costs. (to be payed directly to the artist).


Activation fees
(1 Euro* per month per artwork

Minimal purchasing price: 25 Euro

For all new participants three works will be activated free of charge!

A fee of 4 Euro* for works of 21-50 Euro  > activated for 4 months
A fee of 6 Euro* for works of  51-99 Euro > activated for 6 months
A fee of 8 Euro* for works over 100 Euro; + 10% commision on the sale > activated for 8 months
A fee of 5 Euro* for auctions + 10% commision on the sale > activated for 8 months*

When the price exceeds 100 Euro, the artist will receive the sales price minus a commission of 10%.

All fees can be paid into our PayPal account. You don’t need your own PayPal account to do this.

Once the activation period has ended, the artwork will automatically be taken offline and returned to the menu item "waiting to be published". The artist will be notified via email of the upcoming end of the activation period before the activation period ends.

Activation period for works uploaded before december 31st, 2015
12 months

*  19% VAT included
** If an auction has gone live and runs beyond the activation period, the activation period will automatically be extended free of charge until the auction has ended.



1. Login > click login and enter your email and password
    For registration > click login > create new account (Artist-Account!) > register
    After login a second menu will appear underneath the search menu on the left. > my port of art

2. upload works to the internal menu - menu item "upload artwork"
    You can upload 5 pics per offer. We recommend to show details as well and if possible a picture of the work
    in relation to an object of daily use (like a chair or mug) to demonstrate the size.

    After you have saved the data here - you will find the uploaded works under the menu item "not published yet"

3. Setting Price & Shipping ("pick up only" or "shipping costs", trusted artitsts can also chose between "fixed price"
    and "auction") - menu item "not published yet"

    Shipping & handling costs include postal charges, packaging materials and also the needed time !

4. Approval from port of art (trusted artists do not have to wait for approval)

5. The offer can be published any time by paying the clearance fee. (ready for payment)
    - menu item "not published yet"

6. Activated: As soon as the clearance fee is payed, the offer is activated and will automatically appear under te menue item "current artwork"
(note: under "current artwork" it is possible to deactivate an offer)

7a. Purchasing price of less than 100 Euro
The artist will be informed via email that a binding offer has been received and will be asked to contact the customer via email within three days to arrange the transfer. The artist is free to choose the selling arrangement: advance payment or invoice.

7b. Purchasing price of over 100 Euro
As long as no sales process has been initiated, the artist is not tied to port of art. When the purchasing price exceeds 100 Euro, we simply offer the opportunity to use our escrow account for the transaction.
When the purchasing price exceeds 100 Euro, the buyer pays the money into our escrow account. The artist will be informed of the purchase via email and asked to send the artwork in question or, if the buyer ‘will collect’, to contact the buyer within three days via email to organize the transfer.
As soon as we have had positive feedback from the buyer, but no later than 30 days after the order has been placed, we will transfer the money to the artist (minus our 10% commission)

7c. Auctions - Only trusted artists can offer auctions.
This is how auctions work: The artist determines the starting price. As soon as the first customer has made an offer, the auction goes live and ends 14 days later. When the highest offer has been exceeded, the customer will be informed automatically via email.
After the auction has ended, the customer with the highest offer will be notified and asked to pay within three days. Of course the artist will be informed as well.


> my port of art This is where registered artists will find their personal data and where they are able to change their artist’s profile and manage their works. What follows are short descriptions of the items in the internal menu:

my account This is where you can find your registration data, change your email address and password, and set up and edit your profile.

upload artwork This is where you can upload works to the internal menu. Images of the works (the first uploaded picture will be displayed in the list), a short description (German and English), the relevant search categories and criteria. Please proofread all texts carefully to avoid mistakes. As soon as the records have been saved by the artist, the uploaded artwork moves to the menu item “waiting to be published“.

waiting to be published (Statusanzeigepunkte als Bilder einfügen!) This is where all uploaded works are listed. The status bar contains the following colours and terms:

Grey: unpublished - the work has been uploaded, but the details for the price and sale have not been set.
Green: approved - the work has been cleared.
Yellow: awaiting approval from port of art.
Green and grey: ready for payment. The offer is accepted and can be published by paying the clearance fee.
Red: declined - we have rejected the work.

You can freely edit all information before we have seen the works. Once the price and conditions for sale have been set, we will review all the information. We will not correct spelling mistakes, but only determine whether the content is suitable and whether there has been any misconduct.

current artwork This is where all current offers are listed. They can be deactivated at any time.

sold artwork This is where all artworks that have been ordered or sold are listed. The menu bar contains the following colours/terms:

blue outline: the sales process has started (works under 100 Euro, live auctions)
blue outline with a dot: the artwork has been sold (works over 100 Euro, completed auctions)
blue solid: the sales process has ended (completed successfully)

my orders Of course artists can purchase their colleagues’ works on this site as well. Under the menu item “my orders“ all orders and purchases as well as the respective sales status will be shown and can be rated.

my auctions  Under the menu item "my auctions" all auctions that have seen offers will be listed.



When loged in click >my account
Under your name you will find the option > edit

> Account - this is where you can change your password and email address
> Main profile - this is where you can change your billing and delivery address
> Artist profil - this is where artists can edit their artist profile
   (upload/change pic, website, short summary of information)


When loged in

1. click >my account
2. click > edit (under your name)
3. click > Main Profile
- this is where you can change your billing and delivery address
(do not forget to click save)

change of artschool
change of educational status

Educational status and artschool can only be changed by port of art.

When there are any changings concerning your educational status or your artschool, please write an email:


We expect artists to deactivate a work on port of art prior to its sale via other channels.
How to do so?

1. login
2. click > "current artwork"
3. click > "sold elsewhere"

In case you want to change an offer or chancel it:

1. login
2. click > "current artwork"
3. click > "unpublish"
4. click > "not published yet"
(after unpublishing an artwork it will be listed here again)
Here you can edit the offer, change price and shipping costs or delete an offer.
To reactivate an artwork you have to pay activation fees again.


Ralf Baumbach and Annika Gülzow

jb: *you have given this site a soul.* Thank you so much!
Now it is on me, the artists and the customers to awake port of art and make it breathe and grow.