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Welcome to Port of Art!

This is where all those who want to offer works through this site can find information about how this process works.

First things first: I believe in the artists - and that they act responsibly and honour agreements. If you have questions or anything is unclear, please write to us: > contact(at)
I also believe that most of the artists are socially and environmentally conscious! > see Art for Good.
Julia Brenner, founder of port of art

Who can offer works?

On this site all qualified artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, and architects, as well as fine and applied arts students can offer works for sale. The criterion for participation as a provider is a diploma, a bachelor or masters’ degree or a certificate of matriculation at an art school. An independent jury decides on the participation of autodidacts.

A wide range of diverse artworks can be uploaded.
Those works meeting our quality standards will be approved for publishing.
We reserve the right to deny the release of artworks without giving reason.
We suggest to present works of different formats and price categories.
Sketches are welcome, too.
Please refrain from turning in entirely computer-based works as such will merely be accepted in case of extraordinary or unique artistic value to us.

Once artists have published their works here, they are in no way obligated to sell them via port of art. However, the artist is expected to deactivate a work on Port of Art prior to its sale via other channels (to avoid the work being sold twice!). On-going auctions cannot be deactivated!

Definition of terms

1. Artists: all providers (f, m)
2. Students: providers who are studying/matriculated at an art school
3. Graduates (+ 3 years): providers who graduated from art school within the past three years
4. Professional artists: providers who graduated from art school more than three years ago. Providers who can (or would like to) live off their art or those who continuously make independent art besides their day job
5. Autodidacts: Providers who were admitted through an application process.
6. Buyers: All users who buy works through this site.
7. Trusted artist: Artists whom we know personally and whom we trust 100% because of their reliability and their positive evaluations. These artists can publish works without prior consultation and have the possibility to offer their works at auction.


Once you’ve clicked on login in the top right corner of the site, you can open a new user account. Please select “artist“ from the drop down menu and fill in the application form.

You will then receive an email which asks you to send a copy of your matriculation or degree certificate to the following email address:
Once the supporting evidence has been received and filed, we will send an email with a link to activate the account.

>> Register Now !

For autodidacts: Please send pictures of five to ten works (5MB max. in total), a short CV, and a copy of your ID card to the following email address: contact(at)

Because we are a small team, it may take a while until you hear from us, but we will definitely be in touch!

my port of art - Internal section

Once you have logged in, a second menu will appear underneath the search menu on the left.
This is where artists will find their personal data and where they are able to change their artist’s profile and manage their works.


Three different selling arrangements

1. Purchasing price of less than 100 Euro
The artist will be informed via email that a binding offer has been received and will be asked to contact the customer via email within three days to arrange the transfer. The artist is free to choose the selling arrangement: advance payment or invoice.

2. Purchasing price of over 100 Euro
As long as no sales process has been initiated, the artist is not tied to port of art. When the purchasing price exceeds 100 Euro, we simply offer the opportunity to use our escrow account for the transaction.

When the purchasing price exceeds 100 Euro, the buyer pays the money into our escrow account. The artist will be informed of the purchase via email and asked to send the artwork in question or, if the buyer ‘will collect’, to contact the buyer within three days via email to organize the transfer.

As soon as we have had positive feedback from the buyer, but no later than 30 days after the order has been placed, we will transfer the money to the artist (minus our 10% commission)

3. Auctions - Only trusted artists can offer auctions.
This is how auctions work: The artist determines the starting price. As soon as the first customer has made an offer, the auction goes live and ends 14 days later.
When the highest offer has been exceeded, the customer will be informed automatically via email.

After the auction has ended, the customer with the highest offer will be notified and asked to pay within three days. Of course the artist will be informed as well.


Activation fees: 1 Euro* per month per artwork

Minimal purchasing price (including fees): 25 Euro

A fee of 4 Euro* for works of 21-50 Euro (activated for 4 months)
A fee of 6 Euro* for works of  51-99 Euro (activated for 6 months)
A fee of 8 Euro* for works over 100 Euro; + 10% commision on the sale (activated for 8 months)
A fee of 5 Euro* for auctions + 10% commision on the sale (activated for 8 months**)

When the price exceeds 100 Euro, the artist will receive the sales price minus a commission of 10%.
All fees can be paid into our PayPal account. You don’t need your own PayPal account to do this.

Activation period for works uploaded in 2015:
12 months

Once the activation period has ended, the artwork will automatically be taken offline and returned to the menu item "waiting to be published". The artist will be notified via email of the upcoming end of the activation period before the activation period ends.

* 19% VAT included
** If an auction has gone live and runs beyond the activation period, the activation period will automatically be extended free of charge until the auction has ended.


We recommend that artists insure all shipments and send a link with the tracking number to the buyer. This way the buyer knows when to expect delivery and the artist receives a delivery confirmation, which can be used to determine until when the buyer has the right to return the work. If the shipment is not insured, the artist is liable for loss and damages.


Right to return

For legal reasons all works sold via port of art can be returned if they are deemed unsatisfactory. An artwork can be returned within 14 days without citing reasons. Buyers principally bear the shipment costs for returns. 
The return address is the address provided by the artist. As long as the artist has activated works on port of art, he or she is required to keep the address up to date.
If the sale is successful, the buyer pays all shipment costs.
The costs for all packing materials have to be included when calculating the sales price!
If a work has been returned, it can be reactivated under the menu item "sold artwork".



The better the presentation and description of the work, the less likely the buyer will be to return it.
We strongly recommend that you show an artwork from different angles: a distance shot in front of a neutral black or white background, various detailed views... so that there will be as few returns as possible!
Before shipment you can also send additional pictures or a more detailed description of the work to the buyer and/or settle as many questions as possible beforehand... so that there will be as few returns as possible!


Pick-up only

It is possible not to determine shipment costs in advance, the notice of sale will automatically show “pick up only”.


Rating * * * * *

24 days after placing their order, buyers will be asked to set the sales status under the menu item "my orders" and rate the work. Amongst other options, you can select "I have received the work, will keep it, and am satisfied". For positive response rating stars will become blue. You can receive a maximum of five blue stars.


Declaration of authenticity

Before uploading an artwork, the artist has to declare that he or she is the creator of the respective work. All works should be signed (the signature can be on the back).



The copyright for the sold work remains with the artist. If the buyer wants to use the work for commercial or marketing purposes (and not for private purposes alone), the buyer is required to obtain permision from the artist and to negotiate the conditions for such use.

Security - login details

Don’t share your login details and change your password from time to time. If you suspect misuse of any kind, please contact us immediately.
> contact(at)


Art for Good (as soon as possible) - Calling on all artists

Each registered artist* can participate by sending two artworks (originals, art prints or photographs) to port of art in a stamped return envelope. The format should not exceed DIN A4 and should fit into a DIN A4 envelope. The artist will receive one work by a colleague (randomly selected) in return for every two artworks submitted. The second submitted work will be added to the ‘Art for Good’ collection. At first, the collected works will only be shown on this site, but not offered for sale. Once we have collected over 200 works, we will organize an exhibition evening in Berlin where the works will be sold for 100 Euro each. Works not sold during the exhibition will thereafter be available on port of art for 120 Euro under the aforementioned menu item ‘Art for Good’.*** As a highlight, five selected artworks will be auctioned off at each exhibition (detailed information will be available nearer the time). At least 70% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity. We will try to find suitable sponsors to keep the expenditures as low as possible. Any suggestions and recommendations for sponsors are very welcome! All participating artists will be listed on port of art! We look forward to your interest and participation!

To all Artists: Take part! Do good!

Of course all artists are free to submit as many works as they wish! And you are welcome to submit larger works, if you want to support Art for Good. Please contact us in advance if you would like to send works larger than DIN A4! We plan to repeat this event annually. Participating artists can help to choose the recipient charity in an online poll. Feel free to suggest charities. > artforgood(at)

* each registered provider ** we cannot send an artwork in return without a stamped return envelope. *** If the exhibition cannot be held for whatever reason, the donated artworks will be sold at a set price of 120 Euro on port of art under the abovementioned menu item. 75% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity. If an artist wants to withdraw his or her participation under these circumstances, we will gladly return the work in question once we have received a stamped return envelope.

Independent of Art for Good: Be part of it!

We look forward to welcoming new users!
Creating an artist profile and a link to your own website is free of any charge and until sep 30th we activate many works free of activation fee!

And you can deactivate your account any time.