Constanze Flamme

Berlin, Germany
Educational Status: 
Art School (enrolment, degree): 
Artist’s statement: 
I believe in quiet imagery. In times of an inflational creation and use of images I search for quietude and tranquillity, which implies a hidden tone of a narration. My visual idiom is not aiming at superficial effects but at sustained impact. The deceleration of time and space with the use of the medium format camera prompts us to observe with equal slowness to the point of pausing in our own motion. Within an essayistic approach I am interested in the poetic friction of the meandering, searching, a process of telling and at the same time indicating relevant issues. The work explores the interspace between documentary and fiction, between the factual and the metaphorical, the mundane and the political.
Education (attended Art Schools), Projects & Exhibitions (max 10), Awards: 
„troubled water“ The One-Series, SoloShow, The Art Salon, New Orleans, 01.06.2012
„troubled water“ SoloShow, uncommon place, Berlin 24.10.2012 – 03.02.2013
„troubled water“ SoloShow, Gallery erster erster, Berlin 28.10.12 – 09.11.2012
„Mystery and Manners" Soloshow, Galerie Alles Mögliche, 28.06.14 - 26.09.2014
„Facing the Gulf“ GroupShow, HC, New Orleans, April 2012
„troubled water“ GroupShow, Art House on the Levee, New Orleans 29.11.12 – 02.12.2012
„What still prevents us?“ Groupshow, Strahler - Raum für Fotografie, 08.12.12 - 22.12.2012
„Call&Response“ Groupshow, Strahler - Raum für Fotografie, 14.06.13 - 02.07.2013
„troubled water“ Groupshow, Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Atlanta 20.06.14 - 22.06.2014
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